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Prospect Equities Infiniti

2401 W. 183rd St.

Homewood, IL 60430

Call or Text (708) 966-9065


I Sell Homes!
“You will receive an excellent client experience!”

1 thought on “Contact Me”

  1. Hi, Regina, I’m Joe Wagner, Owner of ATIUQ89 graphic design print and body care products. I recently got into real-estate, as a investor and started a small company. For the last month I’ve been also working as a leasing agent (120 permit ) to build capital to use for my real estate investing. Well I stumble across your page a few months ago and saved it into my favorites. I’m very good at advertisement, and know how to get the clients to look for me, but the company I’m leasing under isn’t quite there yet and it’s been issue after issue. I ‘m really looking for advise and or assistance on how I should move forward to my goal. If in fact you could be of any assistance I would be most appreciative. than

    P.S. I have at lease 3 clients that want to rent 3bedroom homes, and the company I’m associated with have none available. I see me losing money, big money as a investor, I don’t’ want to loose no money 🙂 Thank you.

    Joe Wagner | 708-856-6634 | |

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